Palms plants are synonymous with exotic locations and holidays away on gorgeous sunny beaches. However, there are many hardy palm trees available which are ideal for the UK’s temperate climate. This means that you can easily grow these exotic looking specimens in your own garden, enabling you to bring a bit of holiday luxury to your own home.

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Chamaerops (European Fan Palm)

Chamaerops humilis or European Fan Plam is one of the most cold-hardy palms and is used in landscaping in temperate climates. Reaching 2-5 m tall.  

Cycas revoluta Palm (Sago palm)

Cycas Palms are ideal for growing in a container,  it is possible to grow it outside in milder regions of the UK, as long as winter protection is provided. Plant in free-draining soil or compost in full sun. If growing outside as part of a tropical planting scheme, provide full protection in winter as temperatures below -5° will damage the leaves. Avoid over-watering as this can lead to root rot.

Phoenix Canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm)

Phoenix Canariensis are evergreen palms with solitary or clustered stems and narrowly oblong, pinnate leaves with linear segments, and drooping panicles of yellow flowers followed by fleshy ellipsoid fruitsa. Can grow  to 15m with a stout trunk and spreading deep green leaves to 5m in length, pinnately divided into many linear leaflets.