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Agapanthus Stardust

Agapanthus is a genus of herbaceous perennials that mostly bloom in summer. The leaves are basal, curved, and linear, growing

Agapanthus Sylvia 2Ltr

Agapanthus africanus ‘Sylvia’ is a compact, short-grown, evergreen and richly flowering Agapanthus with beautiful white flowers. The leaf is dark

Anemone Blanda Mixed – 20 Prepack Bulbs

Approx. 20 Anemone Blanda Mixed bulbs per prepack bag. Bulb size 5/6 cm. Bulbs must not be eaten. Our bulbs

Anemone De Caen Mixed – 15 Prepack Bulbs

Approx. 15 Anemone De Caen Mixed bulbs per prepack bag. Bulb size 6/7 cm. Bulbs must not be eaten. Our

Aster Aqua Compact 1Ltr

Asters that are planted in your garden in the spring will bloom in the fall. For late-season planting, you can

Astilbe Arendsii Hybrida Astary 12cm

‘Astary White’ _ ‘Astary White’ is a compact, mound-forming, deciduous perennial with ovate to lance-shaped, toothed, deeply-divided, dark green leaves

Aucuba Gold King 5Ltr

A superb, dense, evergreen shrub with colourful, bold foliage. Lush green leaves with bright golden speckles give excellent all year

Aucuba Japonica 1 Ltr

Aucuba japonica, commonly called spotted laurel, is a rounded, shade-loving, evergreen shrub in the Garryaceae family, a small family that

Bamboo Mix 5 Ltr

Some bamboos grow into large clumps, making them suitable for using as screening, adding structure or using as a focal

Berberis Compacta – 2L

Berberis darwinii ‘Compacta’ is a compact berberis, bearing small red-bronze leaves which mature to green, and rich golden-yellow flowers, followed

Berberis Harlequin 3Ltr

Barberries are tough shrubs, some being evergreen. They make excellent hedges, either on their own or with other hedging plants,