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Acanthus – “Morning Candle” 2 Ltr

Acanthus Morning Candle, a beautiful flowering herbaceous perennial, produces long spikes of white flowers hooded in a purple bract in

Agapanthus – “Charlotte” 2 Ltr

A very pretty dwarf hybrid around 30cm tall just perfect for pots and containers. Reliably flowers on short stems with

Agapanthus – “Fireworks” 2 Ltr

Agapanthus Fireworks boast large blooms of two toned flowers. Easy to care for its great in a a variety of

Agapanthus – “Stardust” 2 Ltr

Agapanthus is a genus of herbaceous perennials that mostly bloom in summer. The leaves are basal, curved, and linear, growing

Agapanthus – “Twister” 2 Ltr

Agapanthus is a compact yet prolific flowering variety producing vibrant bicoloured flowers. Individual flowers have a light blue throat, softening

Agapanthus “Brilliant Blue” 2 Ltr

Agapanthus is the only genus in the subfamily Agapanthoideae of the flowering plant family Amaryllidaceae. The family is in the