Our range includes both houseplants and outdoor plants including: trees and shrubs, plants form bulbs, vegetables, orchids, roses, bonsai plants, cactii, flytraps, hanging baskets, and many more. Some plants are only available during specific seasons, please feel free to enquire if we stock these in advance.

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Acanthus – “Morning Candle” 2 Ltr

Acanthus Morning Candle, a beautiful flowering herbaceous perennial, produces long spikes of white flowers hooded in a purple bract in

Acer palm. in Varieties 2ltr

Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple) – Varieties Plant Description: Plant Type: Acer palmatum refers to a species of deciduous tree or

Astelia – “Silver Shadow” 2 Ltr

This astelia is a superb architectural plant that adds drama and definition to a border. It has pointed, spear-shaped leaves