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Abelia Grandiflora ‘Radiance’ 2 Ltr


Abelia Radiance is a compact shrub which naturally grows in a mound form. It has red, brown branches bearing mid green leaves, with creamy white edges. White flowers bloom from late summer and last into autumn. Also known as Glossy Abelia.

For best results, position in full sun or part shade, and plant in well-drained, moist soil. Prune harshly every 3-4 years in late winter to promote blooms and new wood.

Golden Striped Rush Acorus Gramineus Ogon (pond plant)1Ltr

Golden Japanese Rush, Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’, is a shallow water plant that produces attractive golden foliage. A compact semi-evergreen or

Hard Rush Juncus Inflexus (pond plant)1Ltr

Hard Rush (Juncus inflexus) is a very common native, shallow water, plant. This plant is tufted with erect grey-green leafless

Heuchera “Melting Fire” 2Ltr

A clump-forming, semi-evergreen to evergreen perennial bearing lobed, rounded, ruffled, purple – red leaves, deeper red beneath, and slender, wiry,

Oenanthe Japonica Flamingo (pond plant) 2Ltr

OENANTHE JAVANICA FLAMINGO a shelf pond plant has small leaves with pink and cream margins and small white flowers on

Pennisetum Advena Sky Rocket 3Ltr

Attractive in borders and containers, Pennisetum sectaceum Sky Rocket is a popular, fast-growing, ornamental grass which creates movement and texture.

Phormium “Platts Black” 4.5Ltr

Phormium ‘Platt’s Black’ is a relatively recent New Zealand Flax cultivar with leaves in the most remarkable shade of purple-brown

Phormium “Yellow Wave” 4.5Ltr

A pleasing compact Phormium hybrid with an elegant weeping habit to its green and gold sword shaped foliage, reaching around