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Calibrachoa Chameleon “Dbl Pk Yellow” 1Ltr

The ever colour changing, double flowers are various shades of pink and yellow. Stunning in baskets, containers, and borders.

Lobelia Wtrfll “Blue Ice” 10.5cm

Lobelia ‘Waterfall Blue Ice’ flowers on and on, regardless of adverse weather conditions. This outstanding trailing lobelia is raised from

Lobelia Wtrfll “Blue Ipd” 10.5cm

Does blue Lobelia come back every year? There are many types of Lobelia. Some are annuals and some are perennials

Megacopa “White” 10.5cm

Blooming over a long season, Sutera cordata MegaCopa™ White (Bacopa) is a compact, trailing perennial, usually grown as an annual,

Petunia Tumbelina “Crazy Ripple” 10.5cm

Petunia Tumbelina Crazy Ripple is a new introduction to our Tumbelina range which will produce large unique double blooms in

Seed Aquilegia McKanas Giant

Nostalgic and romantic, this delightful seed mixture of solid colours and bicolours is superb in borders and informal settings, where

Seed Cosmos Double Click Rose Bon Bon

Double Click Rose Bon Bon Cosmos is the first separate colour for a fully double Cosmos bipinnatus. This variety will

Stocks “10 Week” 6 Pack

Stock Ten Week is a popular Summer Bedding variety offering a wide combination of colours and sweetly scented mainly double