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Bushy Horsetail “Equisetum Scipoides” 1Ltr

The smallest living horsetail, this unusual plant is actually an aquatic fern. It is an evergreen perennial, with slender, black-barred

Lobelia Syphilitica “Alba” White (Pond Plant) 1Ltr

A handsome variety with beautiful bright white flower spikes that rise above the light green lanceolate leaves. Marginal pond plants

Mare’s Tail “Hippuris Vulgaris” (Pond Plant) 1Ltr

Mares Tail (Hippuris Vulgaris), shallow water plant, is a native plant which is useful both as a marginal and an

Nuphar Luteum “Brandy Bottle” 2Ltr

Brandy bottle (Nuphar Luteum) is a native relative of the water lily. It has bright yellow 2.5-5cm (1-2in) flowers held

Stipa “Arundinacea” 2Ltr

Stipa arundinacea) Pheasant’s tail is a wonderful grass that provides year-round colour, movement and structure. It forms a fountain-like clump