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Raspberry – Glen Ample 2Ltr

A high yielding, mid season summer fruiting raspberry much favoured by professional growers. Their large, round and conical-shaped berries have

Raspberry – Ruby Beauty 2 Ltr

Ruby Beauty is the world’s first compact raspberry. This dwarfing raspberry plant is thornless and grows to just 1 metre

Red Currant 2Ltr

Redcurrants are easy to grow and enjoy a cool climate, so do well in colder sites and northern regions. They

Red Gooseberry 2Ltr

The red, medium-sized gooseberries are sweet when ripe (usually mid-July), with a tangy outer skin. They are ideal for bottling

Ribes Rubrum – Redcurrant ‘Jonkheer von Tets’

The redcurrant, Ribes rubrum, is closely related to the blackcurrant, but unlike many varieties of soft fruit, redcurrants grow well